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Fitz’s Challenge is a Canberra based cycling event that has been running since 1989.

Thousands of participants have been challenging themselves in the event since its inception. We are taking this opportunity to share their words for any participants who isn’t sure of what to expect in the Fitz’s Challenge event.

Social media comments

As a first time rider, I was blown away by the fantastic support from both the organisers and the race participants. A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the event!

Facebook user – Andras

I was beset with cramps at the bottom of Fitz’s on the return journey of the 80k and walked most off the way back. I was overwhelmed by the offers of support from the more serious riders on their return journeys, actually willing to stop if I asked. It was a great feeling of belonging. Thanks to all the organisers and volunteer helpers, you did a great job and I will be back next year.

Facebook user – Murray

Holy moly what a day! Amazing effort and the biggest thank you to all the organisers and the volunteers at each check point! Made it so much more bearable!

Facebook user – Alex

Thanks for a great event my first decent ride with both climbing and distance together. Next year ill be having a crack at the fitz 165

Facebook user – David

Ride review reports

The (old)* Fitz’s website says things like, “hardest ride”, “serious physical challenge”, “not for the feint hearted” and “dare to cycle above your limits” – we probably should’ve taken more notice.

The Forest Rollers

Great event, which caters to all levels of cyclists. With shorter 50 k rides for the recreational rider as well as 250 k rides for the more elite.

Northern Sydeny Cycling Club

This was singularly the hardest ride I’ve barely survived even with a DNF result.

Sydney Cyclist

Fair to say we underestimated that.

Twenty Seven Wheels

Challenges; The whole ride, and lack of preparation. Rewarding experiences; completing the ride, and pushing through my mental challenges and wanting to give up.

Australian Defence Cycling Club

I am tuckered-out and tired, but my trip to Canberra to tackle the (former)* 158km Fitz’s Challenge was a memorable experience which I hope to repeat several times over in ensuing October’s.

Architect Too

*Editor’s notes