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Fitz’s Challenge is Canberra’s biggest and best long distance cycling event for a reason.

The event is run by Pedal Power ACT, and there are a number of people and organisations who significantly contribute to the success of Fitz’s Challenge.

2016 Fitz’s Challenge partners and supporters are:

The Kids’ Cancer Project is the proud charity partner of the Fitz’s Challenge and has been since 2009.

Cancer is a tough enemy. It’s even tougher when kids’ lives are at stake. They’re brave and relentless and they need our help.

The Kids’ Cancer Project is helping through research.

Thanks to community support they collaborate with talented scientists to fund the boldest research and every day we’re all getting closer to defeating this indiscriminate disease.

They’ve invested more than $27 million into childhood cancer research and will never give up.

They advocate for one hundred percent survival for all children with cancer with minimal or no effects from the harmful treatments. Please join with us and The Kids’ Cancer Project and help kids with cancer fight back.

Learn more about the research projects

Riding in the Fitz’s Challenge for The Kids’ Cancer Project? You legend!

By riding for The Kids’ Cancer Project you are directly helping to end childhood cancer.

Read Charlie’s story and how he has made a difference.

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Need to know who you’re doing this for?

Meet seven year old Priya; What started off as unusual lump in Priya’s hand became a domino of successive bad news that culminated in Priya being diagnosed with a rare type of childhood cancer, Stage IV High Risk Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. Priya has undergone surgery, 30 sessions of radiation therapy and 54 cycles of chemotherapy.

Through all of this Priya has shown incredible resilience and kept her cheeky sense of humour! Vanessa her mum says “Priya is amazing, she never complains, she never refuses to go to hospital or have any of the numerous procedures she has to have. And to be honest I would totally understand if Priya said that she was fed up but instead she cracks jokes to make us laugh and smile.” Watch Priya’s story.

Pip is here to help! Do you need fundraising tips or ideas? Contact Pip at The Kids’ Cancer Project on 02 8394 7711 or email

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